Steadfast || A Poem

Sunsets never ending,
The light always fading
Daily, He hides His face from me,
As I cry for sweet liberty
Why must I be encompassed by darkness?

Trees in their season lose their color
And grass by the heat of summer
Man, too, withers in his time,
Others to be left without a dime
Where am I to find escape from this decay?

Earth and fire, wind and water
Every element bringing slaughter
Where might I find shelter from the storm,
These clouds of darkness without form?
When will I ever find rest from this rain?

Always I fall, always I fail
Never is it final, never is it fatal
Give me a rock for a bed and dirt for food,
From me prosperity will ever exclude
What else might I do but cry out my pain and sorrow?

Daylight breaks through the sky,
As I look to the Hand on high
With a Voice the heavens were born,
And with a voice might I adorn
That Maker and Ruler of all

Firm is the Hand that shaped the earth,
The Hand that brought me up from birth
The Hand that bestowed everything to me
The Hand that was stretched out on a tree
What can one do but give Him the praise that is due?

Almighty power forever belongs to the King
To whom the winds and waves never cease to sing
In the midst of the rain the mountains declare the sublime
And the lightning echoes His majesty in chime
When will the greatness of His works ever cease?

Springtime leaps forth from the cold of winter
And with it the newness and joy of life enter
In its season the flower will blossom,
But in all its stages it is awesome
Where can it hide from that miracle of existence?

Time will bring both the dusk and the dawn,
With the sun always shouting, “Press on! Press on!”
My joy does not come from where I see the sun,
But in that I know where it is, is always one.
It is not where I am, but where He is that my hope is found.