If you don’t watch anything else on this page, watch this. C. S. Lewis was foresaw the dangers of moral subjectivism and it’s pretty relevant for today. I got to spend a year digging into it, and this video is a summary of it I made while spending my last semester of college in Washington, DC.

In early 2018, I ran in the election for the Student Government Association President at APU. Here is the speech I gave to the student body:

– Filmmaking –

From 2017-2018, I worked closely on the campaign of Brian Jackson, a candidate in Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District. Here are two promotional videos that I created for the campaign:

I also produced this video for a local non-profit ministry in Muskogee, Oklahoma:

In addition to promotional videos, I’ve also created some short films. Here is one of the more comedic pieces that I put together: