Ep. 1 || The Testimony of Calvin Lewis

“You could call it a dream, a vision, something else; I’m really not sure what category it would properly fall under. But at any rate, I was shown what happened to August Williams in vivid detail. I hope that in relaying his story to you, somehow that vividness will shine through in such a way that it might feel like you were there too.”

Voice Actors:

  • Daniel Friend as Calvin Lewis
  • Jordan Forsythe as August Williams
  • Kevin Clay as the Man in Gray


  • The Testimony of Calvin Lewis theme music by SimonY Music
  • On Giants Shoulders (Instrumental) by Future of Forestry*
  • Horses (Instrumental) by Future of Forestry*

*Songs licensed through Musicbed.


  • Podcast cover art by Duncan Shaffer.

About The Testimony of Calvin Lewis:

August Williams, a World War III veteran, is recruited by the government to test the new Uberman Device, which allows access to memories in a vivid, dreamlike state. But with a warning from a mysterious Man in Gray, August is unsure of who to trust.

Told from the perspective of a U.S. Senator, The Testimony of Calvin Lewis blends together a political conspiracy, science fiction, and Christian philosophy. The story draws heavily upon works like C.S. Lewis’ Abolition of Man and Augustine’s Confessions, probing humanity’s restless search for objective Truth.

Soon to be published as a novel, The Testimony of Calvin Lewis is first being released as a theatrical podcast complete with music, sound effects, and a cast of voice actors.

New episodes are released every Tuesday.

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